Coconut Oil for Arthritis

September 15, 2015


 If you are a person experiencing joint discomfort and have not tried Virgin Coconut Oil I highly recommend applying a small amount of oil into the joint periodically through the day( this could also be applied to feet, spine. Even if you are not experincing pain for maintaing optimal function of organs and spine the apllication of feet and spine works wonders).


I myself only take Cold showers no matter what time of the year for better circulation and attention of mind. After you shower you could give yourself a short 5-10 massage along with applying the oil into the afflicted areas. Note any kind oil used topically can stain furniture and bedding, so you may want to have clothing that you do not mind getting oil on them. 


I myself run very hot in the summer time and early fall- I like coconut that it helps coool the body. For some if you have tried CO for late fall and wintertime you may want to try sesame oil or castor oil for joints if you find CO not satisfying your needs. In colder temps CO will gel up, so almond oil or sesame may be better in the colder seasons. Also, you can infuse any oil with herbs like calamus root, ginger or tumeric to make your liniment even more potent:).


Below is an article by Dr. Fife who has written more in depth on the subject of therapeutic benfits with his book The Coconut Oil Miracle



Feel free to ask any questions you may have and add your own experinces in the box below!





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