Jon has been joyously sharing the benefits of Hatha yoga both internationally and domestically since 2002.

He teaches with great care and attention to detail.  With clear concise instruction along with strong technical adjustments his intent is to develop a sound sustainable practice both he and his students can enjoy for years to come. After living, teaching and studying in Asia for six years, Jon now resides in New York City. where he shares the practice to the large community of yogis at Pure Yoga NYC. With his generous style he welcomes all to the practice both in and out of New York where he also leads Teacher Trainings and Retreats.

" I have been privileged to be around people who I believe who have been tremendously blessed by the grace of god - I only hope I can live as honorably as these great souls."   By Jon Witt





500hrs - Bikram Teacher Training  I   2002  I  Bikram Yoga College of India, Los Angeles, CA

500hrs - Atmavikasa Yoga Therapy  I  2007  I  Atmavikas Centre of Yogic Sciences, Mysore India

360hr - School of Massage for Health  I  2003  I  Ministry of Public Health of Thailand  I  Thailand  

120hrs - Atmavikasa Therapeutic Wall Rope Back-bending  I   2008  I  Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Sciences, Mysore India 

100hrs - Baptiste Power Yoga Level 1  I  2004  I  Baptiste School of Yoga, Kona, HI

100hrs - Baptiste Power Yoga Level 2  I   2004  I  Baptiste School of Yoga, Helena MT

100hrs -  Yin Yoga Theory intensive. Anatomy Intensive Elasticity &Plasticity, Time & Tension Skeletal & Muscoskeletal Systems  I  2004  I  HK

100hrs - Ashtanga Yoga Certification  I  2005  I  David Swenson Pure Yoga, HK

100 Hrs - Ashtanga Yoga Tangalle Research Center  I  2006  I  Asthtanga Yoga w. Self Healing Ayurveda, Sri Lanka

100hrs - Yoga as Therapy Teacher Training  I  2007  I  Life Centre, London, UK

30hrs - Yoga Therapy Joint Health, Back Pain, Hips/Spine- Yogic Sleep  I  2005  I  Pure Yoga, HK

16hrs - Forrest Yoga Intensive Study Standing Poses, Hips/Arm Balancing, Back-bending, Inversions I  2003  I  Ana Forrest

16hrs - Wall Rope Certification  I  2010  I  Alison West, NY

12 Hrs - 2 day intensive Duncan Wong Yogic Arts- Hip Opening and Arm Balancing- Inversions  I   2004  I  Pure Yoga, Hong Kong

12Hrs - Paul Dallaghan Ashtanga Yoga Intensive  I  2005  I  Paul Dallaghan  Pure Yoga, HK

12Hrs - Desiree Rumbaugh - Anusara Immersion  I  2005 I  Hong Kong, Taiwan 

12Hrs - David Life & Sharon Gannon- Jivamukti Intensive Pranayama, Chanting, Meditation, Asana, Chakra Cleansing  I  2005  I  Pure HK 

8Hrs - Rodney Yee Midwest Yoga Conference  Asana- twist, hips, forward bending back bending inversions  I  2008  I   Lake Geneva, WI 

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Either you are a practitioner or yoga teacher. Jon teaches privately online to give you ultimately the best feedback to assure healthy practice. It is

available One on One to a

small group from 60 mins to 75 mins.


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To be seen and listened to especially at this time can be exceptionally beneficial in healing and progressing. Jon offers classes on ZOOM. We will be online 15mins before class for students to test their camera working properly. We will also stay online after class to answer as many questions as we can.

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Once you have a understanding how to practice. Jon is teaching variety of different practices through live classes

Yoga class level I & II

on FaceBook and Instagram live/ IGTV.

Classes are donation based.

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Jon is offering online programs tailored specifically to areas you are interested in developing, therapeutic yoga, breath work, meditation, hand balancing

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Jon hosts different teacher trainings for continuing education. The Art of working with a beginner & Therapeutic Yoga Training. Mobility for yoga. Attain and teach handstands

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Short exercises with descriptions.To help develop your practice with guidance.The videos will be designed specifically to balance out deficiencies in practice.

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Our goal is to help as many people as we can during the pandemic. 

We highlighted some classes with different exercises and sequences on both Jon's YouTube channel and website weekly. I know these are uncertain time, if you can donate, there is a donation button and Venmo detail on the website under LIVE CLASSES. if you are unable to donate, please help support through sharing your positive experience with friends and family. By sharing it supports our cause greatly, we very much appreciate your support. Stay Safe and Much Love!

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Mentor newly grad yoga teachers or new to the industry.  You have graduated but do not know how to get started, I can help you. Many people have asked these questions, such as:


I am certified but I do not how to get started professionally?

- How much should you be charging per session?

- How to teach online?

- How to teach someone who has more than one injury?

Learn how to build a sustainable yoga business.

Get clarity as how you want to shape your yoga business.






Wed     10:45AM - 12:00PM   BASICS ALIGNMENT      PURE WEST


Thur     05:30PM - 06:30PM   BASIC VINYASA          PURE EAST

           07:30PM - 08:30PM   BASIC                     PURE WEST

Sat       12:15PM - 01:15PM   HATHA                       PURE EAST     
           02:45PM - 03:45PM   BASIC                      PURE WEST


All classes are welcome for beginners and all levels. Come join us!



**Please check the schedule frequently as the schedule is subject to change at anytime**


A Mindful Practice For Life

What Jon offers is personalized yoga. Specifically designed around your wants, needs and goals. The quickest and healthiest way to meet and surpass your expectations.

Jon will create different programs for the individual depending on age and ability. He uses asana(physical postures)-pranayama(breathing exercises)-meditation-props -internal cleansing techniques to help achieve optimal health and wellness. Jon uses both classical and contemporary techniques with great attention to detail, care and joy he welcomes all.       



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Thank you all for all the love, support and guidance. Last but not least my wife, Winnie for being my Love, my Light, my Everything.


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