Class Schedule:


Wed             10:45AM - 12:00PM   BASICS ALIGNMENT             PURE WEST



Thur            05:30PM - 06:30PM   BASIC VINYASA                     PURE EAST

                    07:30PM - 08:30PM   BASICS                                   PURE WEST


Sat              12:15PM - 01:15PM   HATHA                                    PURE EAST     
                   02:45PM - 03:45PM   BASICS                                    PURE WEST


All classes are welcome for beginners and all levels. Come join us!



**Please check the schedule frequently as the schedule is subject to change at anytime**


A Mindful Practice For Life

What Jon offers is personalized yoga. Specifically designed around your wants, needs and goals. The quickest and healthiest way to meet and surpass your expectations.

Jon will create different programs for the individual depending on age and ability. He uses asana(physical postures)-pranayama(breathing exercises)-meditation-props -internal cleansing techniques to help achieve optimal health and wellness. Jon uses both classical and contemporary techniques with great attention to detail, care and joy he welcomes all.        


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Location- New York, United States



Thank you all for all the love, support and guidance. Last but not least my wife, Winnie for being my Love, my Light, my Everything.




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Therapeutic Yoga, Integrated Hatha Yoga, Beginner Yoga, Mobility/Flexibility Training, Hand Balancing Training

Stay home and practice with me!

I will be using my online platform classes indefinitely until we as humans are no longer at risk to one another. I will also be making shorter videos on the subject of back care- yoga for scoliosis- healthy knees, healthy shoulders, chair yoga and mobility with flexibility. You can always email me with any questions you may have, to help you along the way.


Giving back:

10% of the total cost will donate to our mask making project for social workers, doctors and nurses. We is making masks and giving out for free to people who are in need. We spoke to some workers, some of them have been using the same masks for multiple days. With the cloth masks covering the surgical masks, their masks can last longer. 


The class is donation based. You could either-  

Venmo to: @jonwittyoga   

Pay pal to

Live stream schedule-

Level 1 ~ Every Sunday   9am – 10am (Eastern time)

Level 1 ~ Every Wednesday   11am – 12pm (Eastern time)

Level 2 ~ Every Friday   11am – 12pm (Eastern time)

We will update the schedule weekly on the website.

It is very easy to join!

Facebook user – Go to Jon’s Facebook page, scroll down to videos

Instagram user – Go to @jonwittyoga, click IGTV


Class intro:

Level 1 – This is a fundamental class deigned to help you feel great and to understand how to build a great yoga practice. I will use specific language and techniques to optimize each pose along side giving many tips along the way in creating an accessible but dynamic experience.  


Level 2 – Is a class designed to help you build beyond the basic level into being more on your hands. Deeper forward folds, hip opening, core building. Preparing the body to be upside down will be the focus- we will Not practice hands stands but the class will support you in building the foundation to one day be upside down in handstand. 

Brighten your day, Lighten your soul


Jon has been joyously sharing the benefits of Hatha yoga both internationally and domestically since 2002.

He teaches with great care and attention to detail.  With clear concise instruction along with strong technical adjustments his intent is to develop a sound sustainable practice both he and his students can enjoy for years to come.

After living, teaching and studying in Asia for six years, Jon now resides in New York City. where he shares the practice to the large community of yogis at Pure Yoga NYC. With his generous style he welcomes all to the practice both in and out of New York where he also leads Teacher Trainings and Retreats.

" I have been privileged to be around people who I believe who have been tremendously blessed by the grace of god - I only hope I can live as honorably as these great souls."   By Jon Witt