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"Empower. Be Empowered.
Inspire. Be inspired." 
Jon Witt



I was very apprehensive about taking Yoga instruction or even taking a class of any kind. I had always wanted to learn Yoga and felt that with my MS condition it would greatly benefit me but I was self-conscious and didn’t think I could ever do what everyone else does in a class. Jon suggested that we do some 1:1 training until I felt more comfortable and to see if I “liked” it. From the very first session I felt totally at ease. Jon has a way about him that is soothing and relaxing and makes it all seem like it can be accomplished. He explains the poses, why we do them, what the benefit is and talks you through it step by step. Even when he works with you to “correct” a pose, he does it in a way that draws your attention to a more correct way of approaching it rather than criticizing your movements or actions.

I now really like Yoga…when I do it on a consistent basis, I feel better and it has greatly improved my posture and well-being. I am just currently trying to find time to get into a routine with it instead of a hit or miss schedule.

Jon is an incredible instructor and one that I would recommend to anyone…no matter what level of Yoga they do.

"Melissa Little"



I am a 74 year old cancer survivor. I have been taking a weekly "private" with Jon for over a year. It is almost intuitive the way Jon understands on any given week what is working well for me, and what is not working so well. As I have been working with Jon I find myself becoming stronger and more flexible with each passing month. For my 74th birthday we took a video of me doing a one minute headstand with Jon bracing just one of my legs. 

"Bob Werbel"



Jon is an extraordinarily skilled and dedicated teacher. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with him both in class and in private sessions and have benefited enormously from both. I had a severe shoulder injury in the fall and it is really through working with Jon, in his careful and competent way, that I have restored my shoulder function. Jon is capable of attending to all of his students, even in his well attended classes, which is a rare talent. He manages to make each student feel know and cared about. Anyone who wants to have a solid foundation in the practice of yoga would be fortunate if they were to begin their practice with Jon. Thank you Jon for all your wisdom, patience and help. 

"Jeanne Newhouse"

Jon Witt has a sure genius as a teacher. His assurance, ready encouragement, control of pacing, and personal experienced insight are all there in his sessions. That he now offers these during this crisis is a blessing. When I cheer at 7 for medical workers in New York it is also for Jon. I have been taking classes with him for ten years or so. 

"Bob Cornfield"

I have been a yoga practitioner with Jon for 10 years.  I have always loved his classes from Basics, Classical Hatha to Vinyasa.  I love Jon’s teaching style and his voice, tone and word choices.  Jon always encourages us to practice at our level on that given day.   He teaches you the foundations of yoga with basic poses and sequences.   He encourages you to push to a level of discomfort, but not to break.  He does not want to see anyone of his students get injured from yoga.  Jon wants yoga to help you with your injuries and tightness from lifestyle choices.  I always get what I need from my practice with Jon.


This past month, I have switched my yoga practice from in person classes to online. I have found I love the format of Facebook/Instagram Live and YouTube to take classes with teachers I love. I often miss the start time of class, but I love that the videos are available after.   I load them up onto my big screen tv and press play. And with this format, I don’t feel guilty if I listen to Jon's advice and modify the practice to what my body and mind need on that given day.


Jon is the ultimate professional.  He shares his knowledge willingly and enthusiastically.  He will help you begin a yoga practice or deepen your current one.   

"Jennifer Hessmer"

I wasn’t certain how virtual yoga would work but it’s been a wonderful gift, both physically and psychologically, during this challenging time of social distancing. Jon’s style is very caring, responsive to his students, and accessible. My husband has practiced yoga for almost three decades and I still feel like a newbie, but Jon is able to tailor his on-line teaching to us both. He is terrific at giving individual guidance, and even teaching online he can tell when you need to push yourself further or take it down a notch. It’s a highlight of our week to do a virtual class with Jon - afterwards we both feel more calm, centered and energized.

"Beth Ann Day"

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