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For the last thirty years, the yoga mat has been my home. I have been living, studying and teaching yoga in California, New York, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Thailand, Sri Lanka and India.

I grew up on a different kind of mat. I started wrestling competitively at the age of eight. This was my life for ten years, training and competing with some of the best people in the sport, in and out of my home state of Wisconsin. I was fortunate to never suffer any serious injuries, but when I gave up the sport, my body was in need of therapy and relief. In search of a healthier, happier life, I moved to San Diego, California.

While studying in Los Angeles, some friends introduced me to Patrick Creelman, who was then starting up Pure Yoga in Hong Kong ( I was offered a position to teach. With Pure now one of the largest yoga communities in the world, I feel honored to have played a small part in such a big picture.

 I had the wonderful opportunity to live, study and assist with Dharma Mittra, NYC (, "The Rock of New York" -"The Teachers Teacher". Dharma since 1968 has been selflessly teaching on the east side of Manhattan to all who come. Over the years I have been fortunate to study with some of the most gifted teaches in the world, such as Anthony Carlisi, Baron Baptiste, Doug Keller, Kristyan Stjerne, Patrick Creelman, and Tim Miller.

After leaving Hong Kong in 2007 I spent 6 months with Yogacharya V. Venkatesha of Mysore, India, I completed his Atmavikas Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Course. This was an exceptional opportunity to learn the old traditions the way yoga was originally taught one on one. (

Now after my time in Asia it is wonderful being based again in New York. I have had excetpional ride both studying and developing yoga practitioners along the way.  To teach something that has incredibly shifted my life is truly an honor. To all those who have helped shape my life I am eternally grateful. 






I would like to thank my parents for giving me life, my ever-loving grandparents for paving the way. To all my peers and students at PureYoga and Prana Power Yoga, all my friends, family and teachers.




500hrs - Bikram Teacher Training  I   2002  I  Bikram Yoga College of India, Los Angeles, CA

500hrs - Atmavikasa Yoga Therapy  I  2007  I  Atmavikas Centre of Yogic Sciences, Mysore India

360hrs - School of Massage for Health  I  2003  I  Ministry of Public Health of Thailand  I  Thailand  

120hrs - Atmavikasa Therapeutic Wall Rope Back-bending  I   2008  I  Atmavikasa Centre of Yogic Sciences, Mysore India 

100hrs - Baptiste Power Yoga Level 1  I  2004  I  Baptiste School of Yoga, Kona, HI

100hrs - Baptiste Power Yoga Level 2  I   2004  I  Baptiste School of Yoga, Helena MT

100hrs -  Yin Yoga Theory intensive. Anatomy Intensive Elasticity &Plasticity, Time & Tension Skeletal & Muscoskeletal Systems  I  2004  I  HK

100hrs - Ashtanga Yoga Certification  I  2005  I  David Swenson Pure Yoga, HK

100 Hrs - Ashtanga Yoga Tangalle Research Center  I  2006  I  Asthtanga Yoga w. Self Healing Ayurveda, Sri Lanka

100hrs - Yoga as Therapy Teacher Training  I  2007  I  Life Centre, London, UK

30hrs - Yoga Therapy Joint Health, Back Pain, Hips/Spine- Yogic Sleep  I  2005  I  Pure Yoga, HK

16hrs - Forrest Yoga Intensive Study Standing Poses, Hips/Arm Balancing, Back-bending, Inversions I  2003  I  Ana Forrest

16hrs - Wall Rope Certification  I  2010  I  Alison West, NY

12 Hrs - 2 day intensive Duncan Wong Yogic Arts- Hip Opening and Arm Balancing- Inversions  I   2004  I  Pure Yoga, Hong Kong

12Hrs - Paul Dallaghan Ashtanga Yoga Intensive  I  2005  I  Paul Dallaghan  Pure Yoga, HK

12Hrs - Desiree Rumbaugh - Anusara Immersion  I  2005 I  Hong Kong, Taiwan 

12Hrs - David Life & Sharon Gannon- Jivamukti Intensive Pranayama, Chanting, Meditation, Asana, Chakra Cleansing  I  2005  I  Pure HK 

8Hrs - Rodney Yee Midwest Yoga Conference  Asana- twist, hips, forward bending back bending inversions  I  2008  I   Lake Geneva, WI 

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