COVID19 has brought a lot of change to each of us and our medical system is beyond overwhelming. Therefore, we ordered and FedEx these AZO-free 3 layers outdoor material to make masks and donate to those on the frontlines. This material is specialized for outdoor sportswear garments. It is breathable, washable and re-useable. One of our biggest projects at the moment is producing over one hundred masks for mental health clinic in San Francisco that serves the homeless and low-income populations. We are also in a process of producing masks to New York and the city of Hoboken. Face covers are required and strongly recommended in most states. For prevention of contamination, everyone should have both surgical mask and reusable cloth mask for now and for future.


Our goal is to help protect as many people as possible and most importantly to all others who are putting their lives on the line for us in the United States. We want to produce high quality sustainable masks that will protect you from contracting any future viruses. In addition, we are distributing masks to help contribute in saving the environment.

For people who work in the medical field, the masks are free of charge in all the United States. For those who would like to order it for yourself, friends or loved ones, the price includes sale tax, online payment fees and shipping fees.