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Essentials in moving - Ballistic stretching

Intro to Ballistic stretching – For someone looking to increase a fuller range of motion you will need a greater weight of leverage. I often see people get to certain range in their flexibility and it often plateaus. Once you have a heighten awareness of practice in stretching you can introduce methods that will progressively load the stretch to help assist you in attaining a greater ROM.

Again, if you have found yoga or stretching later in life know that you can adopt more progressive ways to adapt the body to aid in your flexibility training. It is not to replace what you already practicing, think of it as way to supplement your training.

Prerequisites: Again, an awareness of breath and understanding between injuring the body and being very uncomfortable are two very different experiences. If already injured especially in the spine, I would not start a ballistic approach.

The Program:3-6 times per week for a month Practicing Head to Toe

Head to Toe:

Is a ancient Chinese ballistic technique aim to increase the post terrier chain mainly for higher kicks, also increasing the agility in the athlete.


1. First static stretches of the calf muscle for two minutes with turned out, turn in and straight forward foot positioned.

2. Use a step to drop the heal aiding in stretching the calf muscle. (bouncing) 3x 90 First Right Elbow to Thumb, Opposite Elbow to Rt Foot. Then head to Foot. You will use hand or hands to fill gap between contact points.

3. Everyday for 30 days. If you absolutely need a day off of course you can take a day off. Go slow rather than fast reps. The increase in motion should be expressed with each rep. The time under the tension of the motion is key to increasing your range.

If this is new take it slow as you are training to gradually increase your flexibility to new heights.

FAQ: If you do push your boundaries to quick too soon you could most certainly injure yourself. Again, this is 30 days, so take it slow.


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